Network Blazer

Video Tutorials

These tutorials were recorded with the previous version of the Network Blazer software. We are planning to record brand new videos soon but in the meantime much of the information here is still relevant.

Click the tutorial names to play a video. Flash and JavaScript are required to view these videos.


The Demo Site
A quick tour of the software, showing the demo site.

Creating A New Website

A brief intro to the software to prepare you for creating your first site.

Create A Site
How to create a new site in the software.

Add New Page - Basics
How to add pages to your websites.

Add New Page - In Detail
More infomation about adding pages to your site and choosing page names.

Page Header
The information stored in your page header explained in detail.

Text Block & Image
Add sections of text containing images to your pages.

Text Formatting
Format your text with bold and links.

Add A Price Comparison
How to add a price comparison to your site.

Edit A Price Comparison
How to add suppliers and prices to price comparisons.

Banner & Footer
Update the Banner image and footer details on your site.

Adding Text Links
How to add sections of text links to your pages.

Adding Image Blocks
How to add blocks of images to your pages.

Model Selection
How to add a group of images used to link to various products in a range.

Ad Banners - Google AdSense
Add Google AdSense banners to your site.

Ad Banners - Amazon Creative
Add Amazon banners to your site.

Edit Colour Scheme
How to change the colours of your site.

Edit Site Navigation
How to edit the links on the menu of your site.

Site Navigation

Navigating The Software
How to find your way around the Network Blazer software.

Creating Deeplinks

Commission Junction

Link Share

Clix Galore

Affiliate Window



Creating Site Images

Download & Install Software

Banner Image

Product Image

Compare Prices

Model Selection